Monkey Boat Names
Monkey Boat Names

Monkey boats are small and half-decked boats usually used along the Thames River but can you used to sail on any river.

If you are an owner of one and looking to bestow it a name, you’ll definitely need something unique and befitting of your vessel.

To help inspire your search for a moniker, we’ve compiled a list of monkey boat names to make the process easier. Go on and check out our selection below!

21 Monkey Boat Names Fit For Any River

Here is a list of some fun and creative names for monkey boats:

  1. Blue Dreamer
  2. River Pearl
  3. Split Cruiser
  4. River Reveler
  5. Sun Chaser
  6. Loyal Guard
  7. Half Measures
  8. Thames Passer
  9. Crown Decked
  10. Starboard Rider
  11. Thames Salute
  12. Half-Decked Glider
  13. The Thames Voyager
  14. Neptune’s Gem
  15. River Rogue
  16. Half-Decked Charmer
  17. Silver Sailor
  18. Captain Half
  19. S.S. Fifty-Fifty
  20. River King
  21. Thames Skimmer

We hope that this list of monkey boat names has given you some ideas for your own half-decked vessel. Have fun fishing, sailing, and cruising along your favorite river!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!