Gaelic Boat Names
Gaelic Boat Names

The Gaels have a rich maritime history. Thus, there is no shortage of fascinating boat names inspired by the Gaelic culture.

If you are looking to honor your Gaelic roots on the open seas, below is a list of Gaelic boat names that can bring an extra touch of identity to your vessel.

41 Gaelic Boat Names With Meanings

Here is a list of Gaelic boat names that you can choose from:

  1. Maraig (Sailor)
  2. Eala (Swan)
  3. Eala Bhan (White Swan)
  4. Faoileag (Seagull)
  5. Bàta Mòr (Big Boat)
  6. Siùbhan (Traveller)
  7. Tonn Reòite (Frozen Wave)
  8. Biorach (Sharp)
  9. Sgàthach (Warrior)
  10. Aonach Mor (Big Gathering)
  11. Coinneal (Torchlight)
  12. Lòn Dubh (Black Pond)
  13. Salmhor (Big Salmon)
  14. Iolaire (Eagle)
  15. Rèisimi (Resilience)
  16. Gealach (Moon)
  17. Oidhche (Night)
  18. Faram (Alone)
  19. Furasdair (Voyager)
  20. Uiseag (Lark)
  21. Ruith (Running)
  22. Sgeir Bhuidhe (Yellow Rock)
  23. Sgarbh (Cormorant)
  24. Sreathach (Striking)
  25. Mac Tire (Son of the Land)
  26. Grian (Sun)
  27. Cuairtearachd (Voyage)
  28. Eanchainn (Seal)
  29. Coinneachadh (Encounter)
  30. Sìoda (Silk)
  31. Mòinteach (Peatland)
  32. Dubh-ghleann (Black Valley)
  33. Rìoghail (Royal)
  34. Fuaran (Spring)
  35. Cèol (Music)
  36. Fèith (Stream)
  37. Fàilte (Welcome)
  38. Uisge (Water)
  39. Crannach (Lively)
  40. Crannog (Island Dwelling)
  41. Tùsail (Foundation)

Whether you’re looking for something meaningful or just want a unique name that stands out, we hope this list of Gaelic boat names has given you plenty of inspiration.

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