Geeky Boat Names
Geeky Boat Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your boat?

You’ll love these cleverly nerdy boat names! From references to classic literature to puns on technology terms and sci-fi films, these geeky boat names can help express your inner geek.

31 Geeky Boat Names For The Nerds At Heart

Here are some geeky boat names you can have fun with:

  1. The Fellowship – A nod to JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series
  2. Anything But Basic – For all those programmers users out there
  3. Pixel Perfect – Perfect for gamers and techies alike
  4. White Rabbit – An ode to Alice in Wonderland fans everywhere
  5. Citadel Cruiser – A reference from Game of Thrones aficionados
  6. Hack That Sails – For computer programmers who also sail
  7. The Speed Racer – Inspired by Japanese anime
  8. Gnarly Navigator – Perfect for surfers and beach bums alike
  9. Iron Maiden – An homage to the iconic heavy metal band
  10. The Flying Dutchman – A classic reference from the legend
  11. Dread Pirate Roberts – Another swashbuckling pirate ship name
  12. Black Pearl – A must-have for any fans of Pirates of the Caribbean
  13. Sublime Skipper – For skippers who just can’t get enough reggae
  14. Serenity Now – A nod to Seinfeld fans everywhere
  15. Goonies – A classic reference from the cult classic film
  16. The Tardis – An essential for Doctor Who devotees
  17. I Thought This Was a Speedboat – For Office Space fans
  18. The Barracuda – A punny reference to a fish
  19. Life Aquatic – For fans of Wes Anderson films
  20. Bazinga – Perfect for Big Bang Theory fans
  21. Game Over – For all gamers
  22. Warp Speed Ahead – For Star Trek fans
  23. The Nautilus – A great reference from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  24. Waterlogged – Perfect for gamers who love their water sports
  25. Obscure Reference – A nod to all those niche references out there
  26. Red October – For Tom Clancy enthusiasts
  27. Fantasea – A great pun for all those aquatic creatures out there
  28. Sea-Q – A play on the word “seeker”
  29. The Millenium Falcon – An iconic Star Wars reference
  30. Ship Happens – For those moments when things don’t go as planned
  31. Voyage of the Damned – Another classic reference from Doctor Who

No matter what type of geek you are or what fandom you’re in, there’s a boat name that fits your personality perfectly! We hope you enjoyed this list of geeky boat names.

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