Lake Boat Names
Lake Boat Names

Are you looking for a unique name to give your boat as you explore the waters of your favorite lake?

We have compiled some great lake boat names that will suit any lake-loving boater! So read on and find the perfect moniker for your floating vessel!

61 Lake Boat Names For Lakeside Trippers

Here is a list of some perfect lake boat names for your new boat:

  1. Ripple Effect
  2. Cool Breeze
  3. Harbor Dream
  4. Misty Morning
  5. Quiet Waters
  6. Lady of the Lake
  7. Tranquil Waters
  8. Deep Blue Dream
  9. Endless Summer
  10. Lake Lover
  11. Quiet Cruiser
  12. Sailing Solace
  13. Twilight Tide
  14. Moonlight Melody
  15. Misty Dawn
  16. Graceful Wave
  17. Lakeside Haven
  18. King of the Lake
  19. Serene Sailing
  20. Silent Journey
  21. Still Waters
  22. Gentle Breeze
  23. Great Lake Guardian
  24. Hidden Paradise
  25. Lake Effect Elegance
  26. Shimmering Sails
  27. Tahoe Treasure
  28. Willow Wind
  29. Lakeside Cruiser
  30. Lakeview Voyager
  31. Peaceful Passage
  32. Tranquil Traveler
  33. Silver Splendor
  34. Sunkissed Sailor
  35. Spring Breeze
  36. Blue Haven Beauty
  37. Calm Waters Cruiser
  38. Lakeside Lullabye
  39. Starlight Serenity
  40. Carefree Cruiser
  41. Cascade Dreamer
  42. Peaceful Oasis
  43. Crescent Moon
  44. Blue Rippler
  45. Midnight Chimes
  46. Glimmering Glide
  47. Blue Water Bliss
  48. Lakeshore Escape
  49. Moonlit Magic
  50. Dreamy Drifter
  51. Peaceful Glide
  52. Silver Arrow
  53. Breezy Serenade
  54. Silver Shadow
  55. Reflection of Joy
  56. Clearwater Cruiser
  57. Dreamweaver Glide
  58. Lakeview Haven
  59. Clearwater Oasis
  60. Lakeside Melody
  61. Spirit of the Lake

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these lake boat names and found the perfect name for your vessel.

And most lake cruising is a fun and relaxing experience so do take a look at some of our ideas for fun boat names as well as relaxing boat names to help you unwind on the water.

Whichever you choose, a memorable moniker will make all the difference when it comes to enjoying time on the water.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!