Narrow Boat Names
Narrow Boat Names

Narrow boats are becoming increasingly popular these days, and if you’re lucky enough to buy one of your own, then you’re probably looking for some inspiration when it comes to naming it. After all, your narrow boat’s name will be an important factor in determining its own unique personality.

To help get you started on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of narrow boat names that should inspire creativity and add character to your vessel.

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51 Narrow Boat Names For Your Next Canal Adventure

Here is our list of unique and quirky narrow boat names:

  1. Watery Ways
  2. Canal Charmer
  3. Little Seacret
  4. Narrow-minded
  5. Canal Breeze
  6. Dancing Waterways
  7. Canal Cruiser
  8. River Ratz
  9. Slow Ride
  10. Wandering Wind
  11. River Tales
  12. Chugging Along
  13. Narrowly Nautical
  14. Channel Chuggers
  15. Deep Sea Dreamers
  16. Lazy Locks
  17. Brigadoon Boaters
  18. Gliding Gondoliers
  19. River Journeys
  20. Moonlit Escape
  21. Watery Whims
  22. Sailing Singers
  23. Ship Shape
  24. River Riders
  25. Gliding Gypsies
  26. Watery Wonders
  27. Canal Cushion
  28. Drifting Daze
  29. Shallow Seas
  30. Narrow Boaters Delight
  31. Mystic Maze
  32. Canal Troopers
  33. Waterlogged Joy
  34. Sleepy Channelers
  35. Laid Back Cruisers
  36. Deserted Riverboats
  37. Cozy Cabins
  38. Drifting Dreams
  39. Secluded Secrets
  40. Canal Culture
  41. The Skipper
  42. Gliding Gales
  43. Marsh Marvels
  44. Paddling Pirates
  45. Poetic Pathways
  46. Channelling Charmers
  47. Lazy Lagooners
  48. Serene Reflections
  49. Whispering Waters
  50. Sea Sprites
  51. Epic Explorers

Narrow boating is a wonderful way to explore narrow waterways and discover new and exciting places. We hope that you can use your narrow boat to explore hidden coves, go fishing in serene waters, and experience the peace and calm of life on a narrow boat.

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