Sentimental Boat Names
Sentimental Boat Names

Boat names can be sentimental markers of special times, places, and memories. I still remember the first time I took a boat on a fishing trip or the first time I sailed on the Mediterranean with my girlfriend (now wife!)

Whether you take your new boat out on the lake for the first time or if it gets passed down from you to the next generation, a sentimental boat name can help preserve the memory of those special moments.

And so we’ve compiled a list of some truly unique and sentimental boat names that you can use for your new vessel and every journey an unforgettable experience!

50 Sentimental Boat Names For Your New Vessel

Here are our 50 best sentimental boat names:

  1. Star Gazer
  2. My Destiny
  3. Soul Searcher
  4. Ocean of Memories
  5. Dream Chaser
  6. Far Horizon
  7. Joyous Journey
  8. Sail Away With Me
  9. Heaven Sent
  10. Endless Adventure
  11. Live and Let Sail
  12. Wanderer
  13. Uncharted Waters
  14. Summer Breeze
  15. Nautical Love
  16. My Freedom
  17. Forever Young
  18. Paradise Found
  19. Along for the Ride
  20. Wave Runner
  21. Across the Sea
  22. High Seas
  23. Second Wind
  24. White Caps
  25. Wide Open Spaces
  26. Ocean’s Whisper
  27. Never Forget
  28. All Abroad!
  29. Take the Wheel
  30. Sea of Memories
  31. A New Journey Begins
  32. Mystic Seaways
  33. Anchored in Love
  34. Adventure Awaits
  35. Soaring on the Ocean
  36. Sailing Soulmates
  37. Under the Stars
  38. From Here to Eternity
  39. Born to Sea
  40. The Open Road Ahead
  41. Calm Waters
  42. Uncharted Journey
  43. Go With the Flow
  44. High Tides
  45. Lucky Catch!
  46. Freedom to Explore
  47. Aquatic Dreamer
  48. Ocean Odyssey
  49. Passport to Adventure
  50. My Own Voyage

Naming a boat can be an incredibly sentimental and personal experience – not unlike naming a child except that you can experiment with strange-sounding names.

If you like something from our list, just go with it. Just as equally, feel free to mix and match and make your own. Or take a look at these different categories of boat names where you may find something you like.

I hope your new vessel will become a part of your family’s history, of its story, and the name you choose will remind you and generations to come of all the wonderful adventures all of you will have on your boat together.