Serious Boat Names
Serious Boat Names

Why do boat names always have to be funny or silly or outright nonsensical? Why not opt for a serious name that reflects the serious activity of sailing? If you’re one of those no-nonsense people who like to give a proper, common-send name to their boat, here are some serious boat names that you can use.

51 Serious Boat Names For The Serious Sailor

Here are 51 of the best serious boat names curated just for you:

  1. The Admiral
  2. Blue Horizon
  3. Endless Oceans
  4. Atlantic Wave
  5. Pacific Breeze
  6. Sea Warrior
  7. Ocean Pioneer
  8. Coral Reefer
  9. Happy Wanderer
  10. Flying Fish
  11. Breaker of Waves
  12. Captain Courageous
  13. Sea Queen
  14. Maverick Navigator
  15. Nautical Adventurer
  16. Odyssey of the Seas
  17. Siren of the Waters
  18. First Mate
  19. Sailing Dreamer
  20. Steadfast Voyager
  21. Wave Rider
  22. Wandering Star
  23. Endless Journeys
  24. Maverick Explorer
  25. Sovereign of the Seas
  26. True Seeker
  27. Trailblazer of the Oceans
  28. Mariner of Fortune
  29. High Tide Floatation Device
  30. Mystic Mariner
  31. Surf’s Up!
  32. Free Spirit
  33. Rule the Waves
  34. Salty Dog
  35. Sea Fox
  36. Mystic Seeker
  37. Billow of the Ocean
  38. Navigator of Fate
  39. Sagacious Sailor
  40. Sea Nymph
  41. Ebb and Flow
  42. Explore the Deep
  43. Warrior of the Seas
  44. Caribbean Queen
  45. Turquoise Paradise
  46. Sailing Majesty
  47. Horizons Boundless
  48. Mariner of Magic
  49. Oceans Beneath
  50. Endeavor of the Deep
  51. Journey Far and Wide

There’s nothing wrong with serious boat names. In fact, sailing is a serious activity and needs to be taken seriously and not frivolously. So a serious boat name can reflect your view of sailing.

We hope you found a name in our list above that can work for you. If you take a look at the various categories of boat names that we have, maybe you’ll find something else that works for you.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!