Shark Boat Names
Shark Boat Names

If you’re the proud new owner of a shark boat and are looking for shark-themed boat names to attract customers or just to make heads turn, then we’ve got the goods for you.

We’ve curated a list of shark boat names from the whimsical to the downright creepy. Just use any of our names or mix & match and make your own!

50 Shark Boat Names That Are Sure To Be Remembered

Here’s our list of 10 shark-themed boat names that’ll make heads turn:

  1. Great White Hope
  2. Fin-tastic
  3. Hammerhead Haven
  4. Chum Chum
  5. Hungry As A Shark
  6. In Sharks We Trust
  7. Bite Me
  8. Reel Big Fish
  9. Shark Bait
  10. Shore Thing
  11. Little Bites
  12. Out of the Blue
  13. Toothless Wonder
  14. Landshark
  15. Open Water
  16. Shark Attack!
  17. The Sharkicle
  18. Jawsome!
  19. Lure of the Deep
  20. Biting Edge
  21. Shark Appeal
  22. Shark Tale
  23. Sharky Business
  24. Fin-tastic Voyage
  25. Bite Me!
  26. Jumpin’ the Shark
  27. The Friendly Shark
  28. Teeth of the Sea
  29. Predator of the Deep
  30. Captain Shark
  31. Deep Blue Sea
  32. Bite the Bullet
  33. Sharky Adventures
  34. Fin-omenal
  35. Fin’s Up!
  36. Sharked Away
  37. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew
  38. With a Little Bite of Luck
  39. Sharks Unleashed!
  40. Shark Burger
  41. Shark Rider
  42. Sharky Pants
  43. Sea-quel
  44. Sink or Swim
  45. Fin-tastic Voyage
  46. Jaws of Steel
  47. Little Sharker
  48. Shark Chopper
  49. Sharksrule!
  50. The Finest Hour!

So there you have it. Our best, curated shark boat names that’ll make everyone who sees your boat remember it!

Happy Boat Naming!


Good luck with your Shark Boat!