Wakeboard Boat Names
Wakeboard Boat Names

If you’re a wakeboarder who’s just purchased a new wakeboarding boat, you’re probably on the hunt for a great boat name.

To get your creative juices started, we’ve curated a list of wakeboard boat names from which you can draw inspiration.

Go ahead and use one of ours or mix and match and create your own! Good luck!

51 Perfect Wakeboard Boat Names To Inspire You

Here are our top wakeboard names to get you started:

  1. Floatin’ on a Prayer
  2. Wake ‘N’ Roll
  3. Wide A Wake
  4. Wave Rider
  5. Wake U Up
  6. Overboard
  7. Out For A Thrill
  8. Slippery When Wet
  9. Jet Streamer
  10. Full Throttle
  11. Wave Walker
  12. Flip N’ Spill
  13. Boardwalkin’
  14. Big Wake
  15. Float On
  16. Edge of Control
  17. Tidal Wave
  18. Hydroplane
  19. The Boat Rocked
  20. Surfers Paradise
  21. Wake Me Up
  22. Spinnaker
  23. Surf Central
  24. Ride of Your Life
  25. Shipwrecked
  26. Adrenaline Rush
  27. Speed Demon
  28. Hang Ten
  29. Barely Afloat
  30. Rockin’ the Wake
  31. Wind in the Hair
  32. Free Fallin’
  33. Teardrop
  34. Sea Legs
  35. What The Wake
  36. Wake and Shake
  37. Life’s a Wave
  38. Wild Thing
  39. Summer’s A Breeze
  40. Bump and Grind
  41. Wake’s Up
  42. Chasin’ the Wave
  43. In the Deep End
  44. Breeze Seeker
  45. Sailin’ Away
  46. Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
  47. The Wake Boat
  48. Wakeboard Warrior
  49. Floatin’ on a Prayer
  50. Into the Blue
  51. X-Stream Speed

So there you have it. Our collection of the best wakeboard boat names we could curate. Did you like any of these? As I said in the introduction, feel free to mix and match and make your own boat names from the above.

Take a look as well at our list of surf boat names – after all a surf boat is a small variation of a wakeboarding boat. And for further inspiration, see our complete list of categories of boat names.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Wakeboarding!