Shrimp Boat Names
Shrimp Boat Names

If you’re planning to get into shrimp fishing, you’re probably looking for a shrimp boat or have already picked one. And now you’ll need to find the perfect name for your new boat.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of some very interesting shrimp boat names. From the traditional to the modern and from the unique to the funny, there should be something in here for you.

51 Creative Shrimp Boat Names

Here are the top shrimp boat names that we’ve curated for new shrimp boat owners:

  1. Catch Me If You Can
  2. Gone Fishing
  3. Ocean Blue
  4. Captain Nemo
  5. Sea Siren
  6. Endless Bait
  7. Get Reel
  8. Red Tide Rising
  9. Fresh Catch
  10. Saltwater Samba
  11. Big Momma Shrimp Boat
  12. Sea Captain
  13. Outta Bounds
  14. The King of Shrimp
  15. Lucky Catch
  16. Fish Tales
  17. Admiral Shrimp
  18. She Sells Shrimp
  19. Lucky Fin
  20. Fisherman’s Friend
  21. Plankton Paradise
  22. Shrimp-o-licious
  23. The Shrimp Whisperer
  24. Shrimptastic!
  25. Captain’s Command
  26. Bait and Switch
  27. Sea Hound
  28. Blue Wave Shrimp Boat
  29. King of the Sea Shrimp Boat
  30. The Shrimp Boat Express
  31. Sea Wolf Shrimp Boat
  32. Delightful Delicacy
  33. Seafarer Shrimp Boat
  34. Shrimp Boat Hustler
  35. Aqua Dream Shrimp
  36. Tide Turner
  37. Wild Reel Shrimp Boat
  38. The Big Shrimp Boat
  39. Salty Dog Shrimp Boat
  40. Good Catch Shrimp Boat
  41. Sea Monster shrimp boat
  42. Fish Tales Shrimp Boat
  43. Catch of the Day Shrimp Boat
  44. Magic Net Shrimp Boat
  45. Fisherman’s Pride
  46. Ocean Odyssey
  47. The Finest Shrimp
  48. The Queen of the Sea
  49. Shrimp Cocktail
  50. Bubba’s Shrimp Boat
  51. What A Catch!

So there you have it. Some fun shrimp boat names to consider for your new shrimp boat. We hope you liked some of the names here. You may also want to take a look at our boat names for small fishing boats and boat names for offshore fishing. Perhaps there’s a name or two hidden in these lists waiting to be discovered by you!

I wish you Happy Boat Naming & Happy Shrimping!