Solar Boat Names
Solar Boat Names

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy, and solar boats are a great way to harness the power of the sun. Solar boat names can range from whimsical to meaningful, and we hope that the list below offers some creative names that inspire you while christening your new boat.

51 Solar Boat Names For You

Here are 51 solar boat names for your new environmentally-friendly vessel:

  1. Sun Chaser
  2. Solar Sails
  3. Solar Shine
  4. Silent Sailors
  5. Sunshine Rider
  6. Radiant Rays
  7. Luminous Lady
  8. Green Warrior
  9. Solaris
  10. Daybreaker
  11. Sunseeker
  12. Luminosity
  13. Solar Skipper
  14. Eco Navigator
  15. Harnessing the Horizon
  16. Solar Wave
  17. Bright Star
  18. Hello Sunshine
  19. The Solstice Sailing Club
  20. The Solar Yacht
  21. Solar Salute
  22. Sun Skipper
  23. Solar Seeker
  24. The Sun King
  25. Shiny Sailer
  26. Sunny Smile
  27. Solar Shimmer
  28. Royal Radiance
  29. Power Skipper
  30. Ray Rider
  31. Celestial Voyager
  32. Solar Spree
  33. Photon Pirate
  34. Electric Escape
  35. Sunburst Shadow
  36. Solar Glider
  37. High Voltage
  38. Solar Surge
  39. Current Cruiser
  40. Aurora Adventurer
  41. Starlit Skipper
  42. Radiant Racer
  43. Solar Speedster
  44. Beam Blaster
  45. Voltage Vanguard
  46. Glow Glider
  47. Bright Buoyant
  48. Sunstreak Sailor
  49. Luminous Lark
  50. Ray Runner
  51. Galactic Glory

I hope you liked one of these solar boat names or at least were inspired to invent your own. Feel free to mix and match from our list and make up your own name.

Either way, enjoy your new environmentally-friendly boat and enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors.

Happy Boat Naming


Happy Sailing!