Wild Boat Names
Wild Boat Names

To make your boat stand apart from the pack and to make heads turn, the best thing you can do is to give your boat a wild and wacky boat name.

Coming up with wild boat names isn’t as easy as many many think. Finding a boat name is not a random process but requires structure and diligent brainstorming with a purpose.

Using puns, tongue-in-cheek terms and inspiration from nature, our team has composed this list of wild boat names and so feel free to use any of these for your new boat or mix & match from our names and make your own.


21 Wild Boat Names That Are Wacky and Unique

Here are the best and most absurdly wild boat names that we could invent:

  1. Master and Bait
  2. The Nutcaser
  3. Asylum Seeker
  4. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  5. Wackadoodledoo
  6. Eccentricity: Runs in the Family
  7. As Nutty As They Come
  8. Whack a Mole
  9. Crazy Joe’s Boat
  10. Odd Job
  11. Barmy Barry
  12. Whack Job
  13. It Is What It Is
  14. Odd In Everyway
  15. Screw Conventions
  16. Always Happy Hour
  17. Nonsense!
  18. A Lunatic’s Boat
  19. Madcap Maxine
  20. Brain-fart
  21. Dick’s In Charge

Well, I hope these wild boat names weren’t too wacky for you and that you can find something from here that can work for your new boat.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!