Tender Boat Names
Tender Boat Names

A tender boat is a small boat that is used to ferry passengers and goods between a larger vessel and the shore. But it can also be used for recreational purposes such as fishing, sightseeing, or leisurely cruises.  

And so tender boats need a name that perfectly reflects their purpose!  

We’ve put together a list of tender boat names that you can use as-is or mix ‘n match to make your own.  

31 Tender Boat Names That No One Will Forget 

Here is a list of 31 tender boat names:

  1. Seas the Day  
  2. Adrift and Loving It  
  3. The Captain’s Choice  
  4. Catch of a Lifetime  
  5. The Happy Wanderer  
  6. Ohana Means Family  
  7. Island Hopper Express  
  8. Sea Shells & Sunshine  
  9. Lost & Found at Sea  
  10. Salty Dog Charters  
  11. Boat Loads of Fun  
  12. Sea You Soon  
  13. Magic on the Water  
  14. Nauti by Nature  
  15. The Wave Rider  
  16. Spray It Don’t Say It!  
  17. The Dream Catcher  
  18. Ship of Love  
  19. On the Reel Thing  
  20. Sun, Sea & A Smile  
  21. Ocean Breeze Charters  
  22. Water Lovers Unite!  
  23. She Sails Away Freely  
  24. Fishing for Fun  
  25. Life’s a Beach  
  26. Sea Ya Later  
  27. Sand & Salty Kisses  
  28. Let the Adventure Begin  
  29. Cruising in Style  
  30. Surfs Up!  
  31. Life is Better on the Water!  

So there you have it. 31 unique tender boat names that will make people pause and stare at the name.  

We hope you like at least one of them and can make it your own.  

Happy Boat Naming! 

Happy Sailing!