Tugboats Names
Tugboats Names

Tugboats are an essential part of the maritime industry, used to tug and maneuver larger ships in ports and harbors.  

But tugboats have a unique personality all their own – each one is named with its own special moniker. From classic boat names like “The Boldt” to creative titles like “The Sea Witch”, these tugboat names provide insight into the culture and history of this important industry.  

Here’s a list of tugboat names that will make you appreciate the beauty, power, and ingenuity behind these vessels. 

31 Tugboats Names To Make Your Tugboat Standout 

Here are the 31 best tugboat names that we can propose: 

  1. The Boldt  
  2. The Sea Witch  
  3. Blue Fin  
  4. Pride of the Ocean  
  5. Reel ‘Em In  
  6. High Tide  
  7. Stormy Seas  
  8. True Blue  
  9. Kraken Breaker  
  10. Big Tugger  
  11. Ocean Voyager  
  12. Silver King  
  13. Wake Maker  
  14. Razorback  
  15. Resolute  
  16. Pacific Prowler  
  17. Wolf Pack  
  18. Maverick of the Sea  
  19. Tugboat Annie  
  20. The Hubris  
  21. Intrepid  
  22. Marine Master  
  23. Sea Shanty  
  24. Iron Will  
  25. The Leviathan  
  26. Kraken Slayer  
  27. Andiamo  
  28. Sea Dragon  
  29. Star of the Ocean  
  30. Mariner’s Dream  
  31. Sea Wolf  

10 Funny Tugboats Names To Make People Smile 

Here are 10 funny tugboat names that are sure to cause a chuckle or two: 

  1. The Two Tuggers  
  2. Captain Chaos  
  3. Little Tugger  
  4. Pumpin’ Iron  
  5. Sea Biscuit  
  6. Anchor Aweigh  
  7. Iron Man  
  8. Salty Dog  
  9. Sea Monkey  
  10. Tugster the Brave  

So there you have it. 41 Tugboat names that you can use directly or if you want, just mix ‘n match and make your own.  

For inspiration, you may also want to look at names for a small boat or quite simply at all the categories of boat names that we have on our site.  

Happy Tug Boat Naming!