Walleye Boat Names
Walleye Boat Names

If you love Walleye fishing you know that you need a boat name that reflects your passion for this sport.

We’ve compiled a list of unique and creative walleye boat names. We hope that they capture the free spirit of walleye fishing and that you can use one of the names as-is or at least mix and match names to create your own.

So go on and create inspiring and memorable names for your walleye fishing boat!

25 Unique Walleye Boat Names That Capture the Spirit of Fishing

Here is a list of 25 unique, creative and funny walleye boat names:

  1. Reel Deal
  2. Fish On!
  3. Hook Line & Sinker
  4. The Jig Is Up
  5. Bite Me!
  6. Baited Breath
  7. Long Shot
  8. Catch of the Day
  9. Wild and Free
  10. Master Baiter
  11. Walleye Warrior
  12. Reel Wild Child
  13. The Big One
  14. Hooked Up
  15. The Walleye Whisperer
  16. Fishing Happy Place
  17. Bait and Switch
  18. Fish Finder
  19. Reel-y Big Fish
  20. The Walleye King
  21. Gone Fishing!
  22. Nets and Bones
  23. All Aboard!
  24. Reel Fun Time
  25. Lucky Lures

So there you have it. Our complete list of walleye boat names for your new fishing boat.

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Happy fishing!


Happy Sailing!