Worst Boat Names
Worst Boat Names

Boaters everywhere have a long and proud tradition of giving incredibly creative (and sometimes not-so-creative) names to their vessels. Unfortunately, some of them take creative freedom a bit too far.

For lighthearted entertainment and a good laugh, we’ve gathered some of the worst boat names we could find.

31 Worst Boat Names To Not Give Your Watercraft

Here is a list of 31 terrible boat names you can (probably) use:

  1. The Big Mistake
  2. HMS Titanic 2
  3. Nightmariner
  4. Barnacle Bait
  5. S.S. Minivan
  6. Bilge Rat
  7. Floaty McFloat
  8. The Drowned Dream
  9. Leaky Seamanship
  10. Afloat Again
  11. Gone Fission
  12. Creaky Hulls
  13. The Leaky Canoe
  14. The Seafoam Sagas
  15. Docked Dreams
  16. Bilge Blubber
  17. Wet Wreck
  18. Sinker Ship
  19. Lost at Sea
  20. In Deep Trouble
  21. Slippery Sloop
  22. Cursed Vessel
  23. Capsize Cruiser
  24. Floating Fiasco
  25. Shipwreck Symphony
  26. Soggy Sailor
  27. Sloshing Scow
  28. Damp Disappointment
  29. Flooded Fantasy
  30. Dripping Disaster
  31. Soaked Saga

It’s clear that boat owners have a lot of fun coming up with creative and sometimes outrageous names for their vessels. While some are clever, others can be truly unfortunate.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the worst boat names and got yourself a good laugh!

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