Boat Names for Grandparents
Boat Names for Grandparents

Are you a grandparent and are looking for names for your new boat? If you have just one grand kid you could name your boat after him or her and you’re done! Of course, if you then have another grandchild, you’ll need to buy another boat!

And what if you have several grandchildren already? I mean, it’s wonderful being a grandparent of multiple grandchildren, but what do you do when it comes to naming your boat?

Well, fear not! I’m going to give you some very neutral boat names for grandparents that will please you and your grandkids at the same time.

Best Boat Names for Grandparents

Here’s our list of 21 best Boat Names for Grandparents that we could imagine:

  1. Granny-a-Sea
  2. Captain Grandpa
  3. Grandship
  4. Sea Biscuit
  5. Ocean Joy
  6. Nana’s Nautical Adventure
  7. Pop Pop’s Sailboat
  8. The Salty Seadog
  9. Grandma’s Schooner
  10. Grandpa’s Galleon
  11. Aye Aye Grandpa
  12. Gran’s Yacht
  13. High Seas Grandma
  14. Grand Adventurer
  15. Grand Explorer
  16. Just Grand Glam
  17. Grandma’s Ark
  18. The Grand Slam
  19. Granny’s Escape
  20. Grandpa’s Pride
  21. Our Dream (I’m biased. This one’s my favorite!)

I hope you like them and find at least one of them useful. Feel free to mix n match from the above and make your own hybrid names.

And if none of these options work, then you may want to try some of the names for a small boat or even names for a small fishing boat. Maybe one of these could work just as well for your own boat.

Either way, I hope your grand kids appreciate your boat and its name, and you can give them wonderful memories of spending time with you on your boat.

Happy Sailing!